Xylometazoline Hcl Product Enquiry

A nasal vasoconstricting decongestant drug which acts by binding to the same receptors as adrenaline. It is applied as a spray or as drops into the nose to ease inflammation and congestion of the nasal passageways. It binds alpha-adrenergic receptors to activate the adrenal system which causes systemic vasoconstriction, thereby easing nasal congestion.

Chemical Name:

Xylometazoline Hcl

Olynth;Novorin;XyMelin;Brizolin;Therapin;Galazolin;Neo-Rinoleina;XYLONETAZOLINEHCL;Neo-Synephrine II;XYLOMETAZOLINE HCL
Vasoconstrictor, used as a nasal decongestant.
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