Sodium Glycerophosphate Product Enquiry

Large colorless, crystalline masses, or a white crystalline powder

Chemical Name:

Sodium Glycerophosphate

tetrasodium; 1,5-dihydroxypentan-3-yl phosphate; 2,3-dihydroxypropyl phosphate
Sodium glycerophosphate;Glycerol phosphate disodium salt;glycerophosphate disodium hydrate;DisodiuM β-glycerophosphate hydrate;GLYCEROPHOSPHATE DISODIUM SALT: HYDRATE;Glycerosphate disodium salt pentahydrate;GLYCEROPHOSPHATE DISODIUM SALT PENTAHYDRATE;Glycerol phosphate hydrate disodium salt;Sodium glycerophosphate disodium salt hydrate;1,2,3-Propanetriol, 2-(dihydrogen phosphate), disodium salt, hydrate
A phosphate donor
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