Rafoxanide Product Enquiry

Rafoxanide, is an effective anti parasitic drug (for veterinary use only), in the treatment and control of Liver flukes, gastrointestinal round worms in Sheep, Cattle, goats. Its anti-parasitic action not only kills the parasite , but it prevents its infestation.However this drug should not be used for livestock, dogs, cats. Further, Veterinary drugs should never be used for Human beings. The information given above is based on our current knowledge and should not be considered as an intention of our Company to provide any medical information or as an advice for animal specific treatment. For any medical attention for your animals, livestock, we advise our customers to consult a Veterinarian/ Veterinary Doctor and act as per his advice.

Chemical Name:


mk-990;duofas;Ranide;bovanide;flukanide;RAFOXANIDE;rafoxanidum;Rafoxanide BP V85;Rafoxanide, Vetranal;RADIXGLYCYRRHIZAE.P.E
Rafoxanide is a thyroid hormone receptor.
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