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Montelukast Sodium is a potent, selective, anti-inflammatory CysLT1 receptor antagonist (IC50 < 5nM) with no appreciable affect on the CysLT2 receptor. In rat colitis Montelukast Sodium has demonstrated the ability to increase PGE2 (Prostaglandin E2 - sc-201225) production and lower COX-2 expression. Inhibition is competitive with respect to leukotrienes - particularly LTD4, a biologically active mediator that plays an important role in the control of several biochemical pathways involving pulmonary and immune system function.

Chemical Name:

Montelukast Sodium

sodium 2-[1-[[(1R)-1-[3-[(E)-2-(7-chloroquinolin-2-yl)ethenyl]phenyl]-3-[2-(2-hydroxypropan-2-yl)phenyl]propyl]sulfanylmethyl]cyclopropyl]acetate
mk-476;MK-476-d6;singulair;MONTELUKAST NA;MK-476, Singulair;Motelukast SodiuM;MONTELUKST SODIUM;MONTELUKAST SODIUM;Montelukast SoudiuM;Montelukast SodiuM USP
A potent and highly selective CysLT1 receptor antagonist, without demonstrated CysLT2 activity
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