Ibandronate Sodium Product Enquiry

Inhibits bone resorption as a sodium salt and complexed with technetium Tc 99m for bone imaging. The monophosphonates are not active and the biphosphonates are used in disorders affecting the skeleton such as metastatic disease, asteoporosis and Paget's.

Chemical Name:

Ibandronate Sodium

Bondronat;Ibandronate sodium;Ibandronate sodiuM Bondronat;Ibandronate Sodium Anhydrous;(1-Hydroxy-3-(methylpentylamino)propylidene)bisphosphonic acid monosodium salt;Bondronat, (1-Hydroxy-3-(methylpentylamino)propylidene)bisphosphonic acid sodium;sodium [1-hydroxy-1-(hydroxy-oxido-phosphoryl)-3-(methyl-pentyl-amino) propyl]phosphonic acid
An inhibitor of bone resorption
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