Fosphenytoin Sodium Product Enquiry

Prodrug of phenytoin that converts to the anticonvulsant, phenytoin, after parenteral administration. Thought to modulate the sodium channels of neurons, calcium flux across neuronal membranes, and enhance the sodium–potassium ATPase activity of neurons and glial cells. The cellular mechanism of phenytoin is thought to be responsible for the anticonvulsant activity of fosphenytoin. Control of generalized convulsive status epilepticus and the prevention and treatment of seizures during neurosurgery, or as a parenteral short-term substitute for oral phenytoin.

Chemical Name:

Fosphenytoin Sodium

disodium [2,5-dioxo-4,4-di(phenyl)imidazolidin-1-yl]methyl phosphate
CI 982;Cetebyx;ACC-9653;FOSPENYTOIN;ACC 9653-010;Pro-Epanutin;Fosphenytion SodiuM;FOSPHENYTOIN SODIUM;Fosphenytoin SodiuM USP;FOSPHENYTOIN DISODIUM SALT
Anti epileptic
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