Formoterol Fumarate Product Enquiry

Formoterol Fumarate is shown to be a potent β-AR adrenoceptor agonist, with a fast onset of effect on the isolated human bronchus model. This compound demonstrates a 330-fold selectivity for β2 over β1 receptors. Formoterol Fumarate has been reported to be 150-200 times more potent than isoprenaline. This agent has also been noted to reduce the loss of muscle mass in murine models.

Chemical Name:

Formoterol Fumarate

YM 08316;CGP 25827A;NSC 299587;FarMeterol;Aformoterol;CGP-25827A-e;FORMOTEROL FUMARATE;FORMATEROL FUMATATE;ForMaterol FuMarate;Eformoterol fumarate
A potent β2-AR agonist
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