Potassium Citrate Product Enquiry

A white crystal or crystalline powder used as an electrolyte replenisher, in the treatment of hypokalemia, in buffer solutions, and in fertilizers and explosives. This compound belongs to the alkali metal chlorides. These are inorganic compounds in which the largest halogen atom is Chlorine, and the heaviest metal atom is an alkali metal.

Chemical Name:

Potassium Citrate

tripotassium citrate
kajos;seltz-k;porekal;kaliksir;SODIUM POTASSIUM;POTASSIUM CITRATE;Tripotassium citrate;sdTripotassium Citrate;potassiumcitrateanhydrous;HYDROXY CITRIC ACID SYNTHETIC
For use as an electrolyte replenisher and in the treatment of hypokalemia.
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