Polyethylene Glycol Product Enquiry

PEG 1000 is a polyethylene Glycol is a polymer with a high affinity for water. When used at the proper concentration it can remove proteins from water. Generally the larger the protein the less PEG needed. Higher PEG polymers, PEG 4000-6000, have been used for DNA precipitation and even higher polymers, PEG 8000, can be used to precipitate DNA. PEG has also been used to recover pathogenic viruses and human rotaviruses from water, oyster and sediment samples. PEG has demonstrated to have anticell proliferation and antitumor effects via induction of apoptosis.

Chemical Name:

Polyethylene Glycol

poly(oxyethylene) {structure-based},poly(ethylene oxide) {source-based}
PEO;PEG;hm500;peo18;PEG-8;PEG-4;PEG-7;PEG50;dd3002;E 1000
A polymer used to precipitate proteins, viruses, DNA and RNA
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