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Cypermethrin is a synthetic compound that affects the Na+ ion channels on nerve cell membranes. It is a potent PP2B (calcineurin) inhibitor (IC50~0.03 nM). It may also have varied effects on ion channels. Cypermethrin toxicology depends on the precise ratio of cis- and trans-species present in commercial mixtures - for example a mitxure of 80:20 cis-trans species shows different toxicology to a mixture of 40:60 cis-trans species. Pure isomers of Cypermethrin form a solid while a mixture of isomers of Cypermethrin form a semi-solid or liquid.

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BarricadeR; CCN 52; CymbushR; ImperatorR; KafilR; NRDC 149; OMS 2002; PP 383; RipcordR; WL 43467
A potent inhibitor of calcineurin
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